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Tony’s Chocolonley — Fashion journal

“crazy about chocolate, serious about people” While walking around London looking for research I stumbled into an experiential marketing technique that blew me away. I’ve been talking about it for weeks since, Tony’s Chocoloney was born through my own selfishness, simply by suggesting a freebee. The storefront was simple in neon signs ‘free chocolate’, when […]

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Soap and Glory Vs Aesop — Fashion journal

check out my new post about first impressions, just a little blabber from me if you fancy it! 

Can two brands selling the same products portray two completely different aesthetics? The answer is a big resounding yes, looking at soap and glory and Aesop in todays seminar was an eye opener in terms of acknowledging how important the presentation of a product is in terms of the audience it attracts and the general […]

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active wear. — Fashion journal

heres my latest post on my univisity blog, talking all things related to active wear and the current social impact of the trend 


why has comfort become the normality for society? If you were to travel back 3 or 4 decades ago, active wear would be solely for the tennis players and the sports man, but now we wear it on the daily? have we taken comfort in these clothes that are supposed to suggest we are […]

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New Year New Me?

 HA. Absolutely not.

It’s a funny feeling heading into a New Year with the motivation to be healthier, fitter, kinder, more creative. But if we are really being honest with ourselves then we all know we slip up around the March mark where old habits creep back in and we’ve all-together forgotten what it was we set out to do. OR if you’re like me you’ll be sure to slip back into a relaxed lifestyle after 3 weeks. Someone once told me that it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit and 7 times of trying to figure out if you like something.

“old habits die-hard”

As much as I’d love to believe that I could personally achieve something throughout the entire year which I set in January, but in reality we all are going to face challenges this year which will provoke different actions and each action has a reaction therefore I think that the idea of a new year’s resolution is a form of rose-tinted glass, in respect to the idea of something that I don’t actually think is good for us in the long run. The fad itself  is wonderful and a great motivation for those of us who need it, however; it shouldn’t take a New Year for you to focus on yourself. You only get one body and its so important to treasure it, do what’s best for you. focusing on bettering yourself in multiple ways throughout the year and learning what it is over time you need to do is much more of a positive for me than setting a single goal you wish to achieve.  “old habits die-hard”  is a funny thing because those old habits are sometimes the fundaments of what make you, don’t lose yourself trying to be someone else or altering yourself unrealistically because baby steps that progress you are much easier to apply and appreciate in the long run.

We all grow throughout the year and situational causes affect everyone differently so its okay to not have a direction or clear idea of how you want to end the year because you have 365 day’s to make mistakes and fix them.  What I’m trying to say is having personal goals is important no matter the time of year and the idea of January and a restart is wonderful but it’s really just any other time so treat every day like the 1st of January and don’t worry if you can’t achieve it just yet because there’s always pleasure in pain, progress in failure and  we all learn from our actions and feelings, just think of the collateral beauty behind it.

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