Kooks update … concert crazy!!

So as promised here’s the low down on the concert itself. Can I just say, the day just got better and better!! Me and Megan actually saw Luke in topman shopping. Right so picture this, we’re waiting in a queue about to buy meg some earrings and this guy walks past and down the stairs, but he pauses and looks at us and we’re looking at him and there’s this untold communication going on where we’re like “is it you??” And he’s giving us that “yeah I know I’m fit in real life too” look and me and meg follow him I REPEAT FOLLOW HIM because you know when you aren’t sure and have those moments where you’re like I know it is but I don’t wanna incase it isn’t?? Well LET ME TELL YOU,  we bottled it didn’t we, like he quite clearly knew we were following him about but of course we didn’t say hi like any normal fan, we just giggled and wispered and filmed him from behind… tragic I know!!! 

Inside the concert

Fickle friends!!! Let’s just talk about this support act for a minute because blimey I was surpised, the group were incredible, totally blew me away, the Brighton bunch were so so lovely and the stage presence was unreal! Although me and meg had the pleasure of  being front row, it was a blessing and a curse…the mosh pits that were going on throughout the concert meant the following day our hips were bruised good and proper from the constant pushing and shoving of those behind us!!

Now for the bit you’ve been waiting for…LUKE! Like I previously said we were at the front of the standing area and had the best view The band was within touching distance and Luke was definitely playing on the fact we had followed him around all afternoon, these photos are blurry and I aplogise but LOOK HOW CLOSE HE WAS GETTING TO US!!

The music was incredible he played both his old and new songs and we were blessed with a perfect voice and perfect day. I have lots of videos and if you want to see them you should check out my instagram : @charlpalmer_ ! (Cheeky self promo I know) 


On the subject of concerts with the current situation I feel it’s only fitting for me to stress, that the evening I had was absolutely unbelievable and I will cherish the memories forver. For me music is something that not only unites us but chan help you make new friends, on the evening of the kooks I met so many people with the same taste in music as me and it allowed us to bond instantly, together we are stronger and music is often something we use to relate to one another, never in a million years should we let it be something we are scared to allow into our lives, live each day like it’s your last and never regret anything because at some point that was what you wanted! 

Night all, hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! 

Love ya x