Month: February 2019

The nasty truth to University

Seeing as its prime time for people to be applying for University I felt it was neccessary to talk about the side of uni that so many people experience yet don’t often talk about. Having just started my second full term at uni I’ve found myself realising that although every time I mentioned I was going to uni people always said the same thing “oh my god you’re going to have the best time” there’s actually a fair few negatives to the student lifestyle;

  • constantly skint
  • washing up (trust me you will go wild over a dirty sink)
  • juggling a job, uni work and friends.
  • becoming nocturnal – this isn’t a joke.
  • being lonely (ironically)

So in terms of money of course, you get loans and grants or whatever it is you’re entitled to, but everything is expensive, especially if you live in a big city and love exploring! Having a part time job to release yourself of the stress of having no money then creates a new stress of not having enough time to do everything you want. This then goes hand in hand with not getting enough sleep and then napping throughout the day at every given chance.

slightly less important but my god it will drive you bonkers, everyone has different cleaning habits and the sink area of you accommodation will always be a war zone and its one you will never win. TRUST me.

Onto the side of uni that is the least obvious sometimes, yet is the most significant. while at uni you will have the best and the worst days of you life, of course the social aspect is amazing, there’s like minded people in every direction, yet let me tell you my god can it be lonely. They don’t warn you about the nights when your whole flat are out or you’re having ‘one of those days’ it can be the most suffocating environment you will ever put yourself in, away from any home comfort and with people you don’t quite know well enough to understand how to deal with your down time.  then there’s the nights where you couldn’t afford to go out or had to much work on and you’re sat in the kitchen listening to everyone talk about their night out that you weren’t there for. I mean don’t get me wrong these are all amazing times for you to find yourself and figure it all out etc, but it is so easy to be surrounded by so many people yet feel so lonely and disconnected. being involved in the uni culture as a whole is amazing, but it is just a little bubble and the reality comes back to hit you in the facd full force every so often.

I would never take back my choice to go to uni, but I would suggest thinking about the negatives as well as the positives because its not all roses, YOU will get ill. YOU will get lonely, YOU will be broke, YOU will miss out on opportunities that you really wanted to be included in. YOUR home friendships and general relationships will shift and you have to juggle all the emotions at once, it often feels like you’re being swallowed by a massive black hole. I will finish on a positive note by saying that the rest is true though, of course those 3 years will be the best of your life, as long as you take it all in your stride and take every opportunity you can and will smash it.