Catching trains, Creating memories.

Big best friend reunion!!

The worst part of being at university Is missing all your favourite people, thankfully i’m so lucky that my best friend is studying at derby uni and is only a 20 min train from me, which obviously meant it was well over due that I hoped on a train to go see her.

Turning up in derby after being in Notts is WEIRD. They’re both cities but both very different. Typically on a Wednesday night its ocean night and I’m out and about in notts wearing weird fancy dress and just making myself look silly… but this Wednesday I was dressed to impress and running about in the cold really not dressed for the weather – its fucking freezing at the moment here.

Missing your friends is difficult when you’re creating new memories with different people and spending so much time having to constantly fill each other in on the gossip (obviously this part is fun) but you can feel like you’re missing out on so much as well. Catching up with Honor was exactly what I needed, sometimes you just need your bestie to give you a big cuddle and spend the day laughing and goofing about, and this is exactly what we did.

I think that taking time to allow yourself to miss the things in your life that were constant before the big change is normal and I encourage anyone at uni to take the time to make time for these things… it’s very easy to fall into the uni bubble and just feel really detached from everyone you love. But trust me it’s so worth it, if you have an essay due in a week, take a day out and don’t worry about it, speak to people you haven’t in a while or like me get on a train and have some you time.

Heres some images of me being carefree and loving life with my favourite girl.

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