FRESHERS FLU….cough, cold, chest infection!!!

The beastly reality of uni.

So I’m week four now of uni and its safe to say that freshers has come and gone, adult’in is now in full swing paired with what feels like a four week long hangover and an immune system thats been shot to bits. Of course it’s wonderful having so much freedom, getting out of bed when I like, ordering pizza at 12 because I can, eating a whole box of flapjacks because no one else is there to sneak off with a some… but the reality is, its also pretty scary.

Since moving here I’ve had late nights and unhealthy snacks, I’ve joined a gym and convinced myself at 3am that I’m going to re-invent myself (we’ve all been there don’t look at me like that). The stuff they don’t glamorise is the pressures of money, missing home and finding that one job in 3000 that 75+ people are also looking for. Learning to use a washing machine and realising you have to pay £2 for a single wash, WILD. I have been lucky enough to have not lived such a sheltered life when it comes to house hold chores and general domestic knowledge but even for me juggling everything can be overwhelming.

This weekend i’m travelling home to see my boyfriend who’s got a flight over from France for a week, I feel as though Im cheating by going home already, surely I should be sticking it out and getting stuck into the thick of it, but its okay to take time out for yourself, mind and health should always be your number one priority when it comes to you and your well-being. Having taken myself to the doctors to find out I have a chest infection the timing is idyllic really.

feeling slightly lost with my direction for this blog while I’m experiencing new things, but I’ve decided to make it my personal diary so if you’d like to come along for the ride and laugh through the thick and thin with me that would be appreciated.

Again as always heres a few high lights from the past few weeks..

if you’d like to keep up to date in the now my instagram is @charlpalmer_








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