Nottingham Trent University- A New chapter

Now that freshers week is over I felt it was time to sit down and start writing – with the intention to continue to do so weekly…

Moving out and settling into a city from a small town is a wild experience, quick over view of my week went from taking 7 flights of stairs and having everything but the kitchen sink to organise to sitting in the kitchen at 5am making cheesy chips with people you’ve know for less than 24 hours like they’ve been your family forever!

Everyone talks about the culture of uni being something that you could never imagine and I USED to laugh and feel like it wasn’t a reality. I’m writing this laughing at my confident self knowing full well that I’ve had the most fun in forever but also the hardest time for a long time trying to figure out how to live in a situation which is completely and utterly insane, studying a subject that you love yet have absolutely no idea really what it is… making memories with people who have very quickly become some of your favourite people in such a short time, all the while shuffling relationships you’ve left behind and new ones you’re trying to understand and develop, it really is a funny old thing.

Here’s my life over the past week and can’t wait to get stuck into more emotional mayhem.

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