Month: October 2018

active wear. — Fashion journal

heres my latest post on my univisity blog, talking all things related to active wear and the current social impact of the trend 


why has comfort become the normality for society? If you were to travel back 3 or 4 decades ago, active wear would be solely for the tennis players and the sports man, but now we wear it on the daily? have we taken comfort in these clothes that are supposed to suggest we are […]

via active wear. — Fashion journal

go check out my new uni post! Colour Project Progression — Fashion journal

Altering the perception of the genderisation of colour. Taking multiple images of something slightly extraordinary and using words and phrases to portray a message, these photos were all edited to represent a different aspect of the image and the message we wanted to press. As a pair me and Darcey were asked to create […]

via colour project progression — Fashion journal

what do we perceive from colour’s ? — Fashion journal

Fashion communication and Promotion first term; colours pink…. is it good or is it bad? controversy? when I think of negative annotations of pink I think of “periods, girls only, skin rashes, dumb girly girls”, but when I think of positive pinks I think of “flowers, barbies, patters, summer, films” where does the line between […]

what do we perceive from colour’s ? — Fashion journal

This is my second blog account where I will be posting uni related articles that are less personal and more profession, so if you want to follow a blog that will be insightful and thought provoking…. you know what to do

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