Is it possible to fall in love with boots..?


If I’m honest I’m not one for online shopping because I don’t appreciate the hype, I find the clothes always look better in the images than on me and there’s that 2-3 day period where you get yourself all excited about the idea of looking like America’s next top model, when in reality the package arrives and you actually end up looking like Fiona from Shrek, the crash and burn that happens in that moment is heart breaking. ANYWAY so I decided to bite the bullet because shoes you can’t really go wrong with right?

WELL let me tell you, after about 900 years of searching (allow the exaggeration) I finally found my dream boot. I was looking for a boot that was longer line than the normal ankle boot’s that fitted snug to my ankle and had a good size heel. The idea was to find myself a sock boot. clearly I didn’t achieve this…I went one better. Not only are these boots beautiful but they’re also a major statement – now if you know me you’ll know I fancy myself abit and these are just right up my street.

Lets talk about the partying section of the boots shall we? these remind me of fat Amy in pitch perfects unorthodox hair style (business at the front party at the back)…. if you don’t get that reference then woweeee you need to get yourself in a cosy place and sit back and enjoy the wonders of the pitch perfect movies – Anyway these shoes are great for dressing up and dressing down, like I said there’s the party section and the business section. I agree that styling big chunky boots is always very hit and miss unless you think of yourself as Cara Delevingne But if you look closely these boots have a beautiful snake printed faux leather section and the side detailing is beautiful, somehow I don’t feel like I really need to go into detail because the boots talk from themselves out of their own beauty really.  misguided have done me a solid here and although I waited for these to come into stick for a good 3 weeks I’m so glad I didn’t get boot greed and order something different because I’m an impatient little mare.

how did I style them?

As its bloody cold now and I still manage to ignore the need for warmth and wear stupidly thin clothing in order to look groovy ill show you an outfit you’re bound to get abit nippy in……..

I styled these boots with a plain white jumper tucked into a charity shop find which is this beaut skirt (its ugliful… you know beautiful but ugly?? yeah SAME.) I highly promote the whole more for your money trend, why spent lots of  dolla on one skirt in Topshop when you can spend £1.50 on one in cancer research? of course my tights are a primark special as well, got the theme yet? the bank of charlotte isn’t very deep.








here’s a vid of my face that day with some groovy lighting – you’re WELCOME xx

BOOTS LINKED HERE, go on treat yourself,  I promise you can make them look as cool as me xx




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