“Ew can’t they get there own style?”

Anyone else get really mad when they were younger and someone was ‘copying’ you? Because I know I did, foetus charlotte used to always wine like ‘Ew omg cant they get there own style?” – clearly I thought I was Gucci or something special, can confirm I was definitely NOT… ​

  ^^ that’s deffo not Gucci that’s for sure😩

This weekend I went out with my best pal and we were in the exact same trousers just different colours, I was wearing white ones and she was rocking a dark (navy) pair. Although we were both wearing identical trousers they looked different on both of us – SHOCK horror people have different bodies and figures and clothes fit them differently? What?? Just because you’re wearing the same item of clothing of someone doesn’t mean it’ll look the same as it does on you.
Megan is very petite and I’m quite tall for a girl (not monster height though dw). So on her the cropped trousers were in fact full length and on me they were probably shorter than the average cropped trouser, there’s nothing wrong with gong out in the same clothes as someone else because of this exact reason, its easy to bring out your own individuality through the whole outfit rather than one single statement trouser.  




So snobby bratty young me need’s to apologise to all the girls (I thought were) copying me – baby gal you look great, lets twin forever! – Again though, they weren’t even coping me, if it’s a trend plenty of people are going to have the same item of clothing, and if your broke ass can only afford high street like me then perfect, we’ll rock the poor as fuck look no problem.


Here’s a few pic’s of us looking groovy before thing’s got messy and my feet became more blister than foot and we danced too much our makeup sweated off ( if you know you know) – either that or my setting spray is awful? But ill pretend I just had so much fun.


WE’RE ALL GULITY OF BEING A LITTLE BITTER… but lets just all get better instead



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