dying my hair from white blonde to BROWN?? WTF HELP??

why do I put myself through the torture?

so I was looking in the mirror after months and months of home dyes of bleach to get to the ‘white blonde’ I had always wanted but begrudged spending loads of money on (I’m not blessed with dollar) I decided to just basically throw all my money in the bin and dye my hair back brown – why oh why am I like this?

Because my hair was such a prominent blonde (slaggy blonde my dad called it lols) I had to dye it red first to make sure it wouldn’t go green!!!! This is a very important stage for anyone bold enough to box dye your blonde hair, I then went in with a number 4 dye over the red to make it much more of an ash brown, I can safely say it worked in my favour. Me and my friend were sat on her bed absolutely shitting our pants at the possibility of my hair falling out – luckily my parents blessed me with hair which is quite versatile obviously there’s limitations to this.. BUT YOLO? ( oh god)

can we talk about how good the conditioner is in hair dyes, WHY cant they make a whole bottle’s with it in to buy – superdrug, boots sort a girl out will ya??

products I used for dying my hair both blonde and then the brown:


if anyone wants to know more or see the difference within a few pictures my Instagram is charlpalmer_  (cheeky little self promo again??oppsie)

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