“Ew can’t they get there own style?”

Anyone else get really mad when they were younger and someone was ‘copying’ you? Because I know I did, foetus charlotte used to always wine like ‘Ew omg cant they get there own style?” – clearly I thought I was Gucci or something special, can confirm I was definitely NOT… ​

  ^^ that’s deffo not Gucci that’s for sure😩

This weekend I went out with my best pal and we were in the exact same trousers just different colours, I was wearing white ones and she was rocking a dark (navy) pair. Although we were both wearing identical trousers they looked different on both of us – SHOCK horror people have different bodies and figures and clothes fit them differently? What?? Just because you’re wearing the same item of clothing of someone doesn’t mean it’ll look the same as it does on you.
Megan is very petite and I’m quite tall for a girl (not monster height though dw). So on her the cropped trousers were in fact full length and on me they were probably shorter than the average cropped trouser, there’s nothing wrong with gong out in the same clothes as someone else because of this exact reason, its easy to bring out your own individuality through the whole outfit rather than one single statement trouser.  




So snobby bratty young me need’s to apologise to all the girls (I thought were) copying me – baby gal you look great, lets twin forever! – Again though, they weren’t even coping me, if it’s a trend plenty of people are going to have the same item of clothing, and if your broke ass can only afford high street like me then perfect, we’ll rock the poor as fuck look no problem.


Here’s a few pic’s of us looking groovy before thing’s got messy and my feet became more blister than foot and we danced too much our makeup sweated off ( if you know you know) – either that or my setting spray is awful? But ill pretend I just had so much fun.


WE’RE ALL GULITY OF BEING A LITTLE BITTER… but lets just all get better instead



college comeback ..

second year antics 

I recently started my final year in fashion and clothing and I know its not everyone’s idea of an exciting blog post but hopefully you’ll still come along for the awful commentary? ( exhibit A I think I’m a commentator? u ok?) ANYWAY we’re doing a super funky white shirt product and I have loads of updates coming your way however I’m gonna start of simple with this double collar.

I first created a standard flat collar and then had a play with it because I needed a collar that was extraordinary, unique and quite frankly only for the brave  ( allow the exaggeration I know I haven’t achieved that yet lols) the white area’s are pattern paper because I needed to alter my pattern and the paper allows me to see where I need to change my pattern pieces and cut the right shapes out for the desired effect.

This shirt project has got me pinning allsorts of crazy idea’s to my Pinterest and if you are ever wanting something fun to look for because Pinterest is a dream and all creative students live and die on the site on the daily I suggest looking at the Victor and Rolfe shirt collection – its unreal, if a little spooky.

I’m going to be creating lots of different toiles for this project and will be trying to push myself with what wacky things I come up with (I’m unfortunately a plain Jane in that respect so fingers crossed aye?) anyway loves, only a quick update and not really a lot if witty banter from me today, if there ever is???? oh dear..



dying my hair from white blonde to BROWN?? WTF HELP??

why do I put myself through the torture?

so I was looking in the mirror after months and months of home dyes of bleach to get to the ‘white blonde’ I had always wanted but begrudged spending loads of money on (I’m not blessed with dollar) I decided to just basically throw all my money in the bin and dye my hair back brown – why oh why am I like this?

Because my hair was such a prominent blonde (slaggy blonde my dad called it lols) I had to dye it red first to make sure it wouldn’t go green!!!! This is a very important stage for anyone bold enough to box dye your blonde hair, I then went in with a number 4 dye over the red to make it much more of an ash brown, I can safely say it worked in my favour. Me and my friend were sat on her bed absolutely shitting our pants at the possibility of my hair falling out – luckily my parents blessed me with hair which is quite versatile obviously there’s limitations to this.. BUT YOLO? ( oh god)

can we talk about how good the conditioner is in hair dyes, WHY cant they make a whole bottle’s with it in to buy – superdrug, boots sort a girl out will ya??

products I used for dying my hair both blonde and then the brown:


if anyone wants to know more or see the difference within a few pictures my Instagram is charlpalmer_  (cheeky little self promo again??oppsie)

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