pretty little thing?


Just a quick one loves, but can we PLEASE talk about this beauty.

So back story on this dress is I wanted something abit more ‘dressy’ so to speak for new years (but char its now may??) I KNOW… and I still haven’t ventured out in it yet:( ANYWAY I’m not really one for online shopping and honestly its just because I’m inpatient, however this naughty number from PLT is dreamy. The only thing I found myself now seeing as an issue is the materials see-through. Funny thing about is it, for new years I was feeling  scandalous, because its acceptable to show a little silhouette right? well I didn’t actually make it to new years in this dress – you can read about that here.

hang on, where was I? OH yeah so this dress isn’t something you can rock up to a family party in and I don’t often get a chance to dress up formally and I feel as though this isn’t something you can rock at a club, well I mean I would and I could, but have I yet??? of course not…

if you want to purchase this dress here’s the link my loves.

love ya x



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