this is meg – you can find more of her face here .

So Megan and I set out to go to the kooks in Cambridge on the 9th of may, we decided that we were gonna go all out on our outfits for the day (Go hard or go home so to speak) in this picture Meg is rocking this awesome naughty number from Primark and she’s pared them with some fishnet tights, while we’re on the topic, anyone else remember when these were real uncool and you used to think of “hookers” in them??. £3!!! lemme just tell you, this girl knows how to find a bargain – unfortunately being the unreliable source that I am (soz not soz) I’m writing this late and I’m sat on my bed with my phone in my hand.. but can I bring myself to drop her message for the rest of the outfit details..NO OBVIOUSLY NOT. so meg babe, if you see this do me a solid and comment the details below for me, much love x

me time! – why ? because I love myself !


ever get a moment when you’re trying way to hard to look cool and edgy and get the right angles that you just burst into laughter? well you’re welcome, here’s that exact moment..

IMG_1456ill admit I’m not on my best form in this photo but not every day is your best day when it comes to pictures, but ill share it with you anyway because sometimes posting something you aren’t  the proudest of is good for character building (aha ok char – keep telling yourself that) anyway outfit info coming your way!! you excited???

The jumper I’m wearing in this is one that I permanently borrowed from my brothers girlfriend (sorry lucy) – no bit of background on that one like most girls we swap and change our taste and me and her make clothing swaps on the daily – 1005 the sister I never had!! this jumper if from Topshop about 3 winters ago so sorry ladies but its probably not available anymore – still cute tho?   The sparkly number I’ve got on is a cropped top from boohoo, couldn’t tell you the price I have no idea, again an ancient buy of mine. THE SKIRT!! this is where I can actually be helpful (AYE GO ON CHAR) this was from primark and was £6 – dreamy right? my tights.. let me tell YOU about these bad boys, ever see your mum walk into a room and go “NO SORRY STOP” because you just cant quite believe what a crazy women she is? well I judged my mu so badly when she wore these once, little did I know I would be hunting through her draws in order to find these beauty’s (SOZ SUE) . The chunky boots I have on are also a primark special they were from winter 2016 and my feet no longer fit in them? can your feet shrink? should that happen? SeNd HeLp?? –  can you tell I love bit of primark, I mean obviously I do!!!!

BLOG POST ON THE CONCERT COMING SOON!! thought you would want the outfit details first so while you enjoy this ill gather up the pictures of the goddess that is Luke Pritchard.

love ya x

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