Puppy lovin’ 

Ever since I was little I’ve had rough collies, for those of you who don’t know what breed of dog that is (I’ll insert pics) – they look like a lion but not one that’s gonna rip your head off more one that will lick ur face off! Two years ago I went of on a tangent and spontaneously brought myself a pup. I didn’t want another dog that was big enough to carry me (although when I was little It felt like I had my own breed of pony) so I got myself a black F1 cookerpoo -his name is gus and he is bloody mad, but gus was lonely (or was I greedy?) so I got myself another pup after we had potty trained him – this one we called mia. 

The point I’m trying to make amongst all this rabble is that i can’t STRESS enough that dogs are the best friends a person could ever have, they snuggle, listen and bring back a kind of excitement you have when you’re little – the kind where you’re like OMG OMG OMG!! 

If any of you are dog owners the pain you feel when you accidentally hurt your favourite pampered pooch is unbearable so why don’t we feel like that towards people?  – I think we should learn to love the way dogs do 

Gus greets anyone that walks to my house with a shoe and he won’t put it down unless you take it off him and say hello, he’s abit like me in that sense, needs to be given the attention to gain something in return (not the taking a shoe) 

What dogs do you have? 

Charlotte x 

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