Fashion student perks


Being a fashion student brings lots of perks along with ALOT of stress, I often find that the rush that I hate the most is also the reason I love the industry – you know a deadlines due but you cruise through (or snooze through) UNTILL you’re suddenly hit with the realisation that makes you think FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! And you realise you have 2 weeks to finish off all coursework and create your final piece you have spent however many ungodly hours (i could have been sleeping?)  on but the rust is so blissfully busy that you can get consumed by the work you’re doing, you live, breath and eat it and the sense of satifaction is incredible.

“Fashion is as fashion does”


I was lucky enough to have one of those moments the other day during my photography lessons, as I have previously stated I’m much more content infront of the camera rather than behind so as you can imagine when I was asked to model for a studio slot I was completely in my element (my ego didn’t need a boost but I’ll always take one)

These are some of the shots from the shoot – both behinds the scenes and the final edits

To get these pictures where both I and the photographer were happy took a while but I’m sharing them with you so I must like them –  I appreciate everything that gets thrown at me and a firm believer to live in the moment, I’ll preach it till the day I die, SELF LOVE IS EVERYTHING!!


YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL SO WORK IT! – live in the groove or live in the shadows

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