I played tourist round New York…


fun filled trips….


places I visited: 

  • Rockerfeller centre
  • Empire State building
  • lady liberty

Rockefellers centre


I was lucky enough to go on a trip of a lifetime with my friends and visit all the tourist attractions in New York.

This picture is my favourite from the trip as I’m standing at the top of the Rockefellers  centre on cloud nine (lol literally) with my closest pals. free spirted and full of life as the wind whipped past us and for the first time ever we weren’t focused on the state of our hair…


While on my adventure dipping and diving through the traffic of New York and the madness that is the city buzz I was wearing around 9000 layers (maybe a slight exaggeration)  but for real, it was -15 and although a English  winter is bitter, it wouldn’t reduce someone to frost bite…


empire state

The first time I attempted the crazy lift up to the view of a lifetime I was sourly turned away due to poor weather…damn you clouds. But I didn’t QUIT and the view I was greeted with was breath taking – I was in complete awe of the city that never sleeps, as Alisha keys put perfectly, it was in fact a concrete jungle.

The lights of the city reminded me of the 10 minute firework display we drag ourselves to see every firework night only this one truly was magical and as a creative individual sparked so many idea’s, the opportunity’s for good quality images, paintings and anything astatically pleasing was ridiculous,  even if like me you were more of an in-front of the camera kinda wanna be you couldn’t hit an angle wrong, picture perfect every time.

lady liberty



The day I jumped on a ferry and ventured over sea to see the lady of the island it was snowing (I visited New York in February – crazy women)

We couldn’t actually make the climb of a lifetime worth of steps to get into her head – I feel like I just created a metaphor for all men?  Anyway, we couldn’t as the weather wouldn’t allow it.

HONESTLY.. I had built up this idea around the statue being massive as you can see her from most points in the city however I was surprised at the size of the statue because realistically, she wasn’t massive at all.

the island itself was devoted to merchandise and me having a sweet tooth meant of course I would buy the most non-sentimental of things and get myself a strawberry lib shaped lolly – it was yummy ill admit but I soon regretted not buying myself a keepsake.

the rest of my trip was spent over eating in all the tourist restaurants including bubba-Gump and hard rock café (while I was here there was a black power march, scary stuff)  it was a trip of a lifetime and I’m so grateful that I got to spend it with my pals.






7 thoughts on “I played tourist round New York…

      1. Definitely!! I would definitely recommend walking around the Chelsea and SoHo areas as the vibes there are like no other and there’s so many lovely restaurants and cafes!! Those are definitely my favorite parts of the city! Chelsea is also the happening spot at night! Also try Brooklyn and visit the park there! Some great views of the city 😊

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