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After sitting down and watching the documentary I found myself surprised about how quickly a project can go down hill even with so many people involved. there’s the saying.. “too many cooks spoil the broth” and In this case that was 100% evident. having a vision and having the support to achieve it is valuable […]

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If you have an interest in business or just like to be nosy, check out FYRE on Netflix, unbelievable outcome and a great watch!

Does the size of a Model Matter? — Fashion journal

when do you see them? In magazines On Instagram On tv On websites Generally across all social media platforms It’s safe to say that body image has become a huge part in society. whether that is a good thing is yet to be decided… I would argue that on average the person in the […]

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If you want to read me go on a little rant about small boobies then you’re in the right place I guess. heres me trying to take the conversation away from the vs show but suggest an alternative way of thinking about online impressions.

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